The Secret X-Trader 2 – Introduction

​One of the most important elements of any successful sports trader is keeping a diary of your trading experiences. In a brand new blog series you can follow the Secret X-Trader as he tries to grow his bank to £10K.


Welcome the new 'Secret X-Trader' blog.

I have been in Pro X Trading community for around a year now and I’ve learnt plenty in that time. As we all know this is nothing in the grand scheme of things and i’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

In the past year I’ve gone from a £1k starting bank to a £4k bank and although that isn’t too bad at all, I feel I could be making a lot more in the markets.

Hence, the motivation to write for the Secret X-Trader blog! I feel that writing down what I’ve done in this format and with the added accountability this will improve me as a trader, no doubt.

For my trading journey I will be focusing on Football and Horse Racing. I try to make four Football sessions per week and I’m usually active in the Horse Racing markets every day, when workload permits.

My main weaknesses in these areas are building time decay profits to leverage later in the match and trying to juggle work and trading at the same time for the Horse Racing.

So who is the Secret X-Trader?

I turned 27 two days ago and currently work Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. My goal is provide a lucrative 2nd income for myself - I would love to be earning £2k to £4k per month this time next year and trading with a £10k bank. Not bad for a single 27 year old eh?

For this journey I will be working with a £2,000 starting bank and I usually take out half of my subscription fees every month.

I’m under no illusions that it’s going to be difficult as I’ve been in the community for a year now and now exactly how hard this game can be.

I plan to write an update of my trading every Sunday, ready to be uploaded to the site on a Monday. I’ll discuss what went well; what didn’t; what I have learned and any aspects that I’m struggling with.

I'll try and have different theme each week to make it a bit more interesting, but we'll see how it goes.

Until next week,

The Secret X-Trader

Matt Finnigan

Full time professional sports trader and founder of Pro X Trading.

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