Live Football Trading Service

Want To Turn Your Passion For Football Into Potential Second Income?

X-Football has a proven formula to make you into a profitable football trader.


25 Trading Strategies

Gain instant access to 25 Proven in-play football trading strategies that work on any live TV game.

Each strategy is broken down into bite size video tutorials covering the opening and exit points and overall risk management.

1-2-1 Trading Sessions

After your initial 30 minute consultation you will trade at least 20 live soccer matches a month on a 1-2-1 basis.

Get the the help you need to understand our trading timeline and be guided through your opening and exit points.

Development Plan

You will be given a the keys to the treasure chest through the comprehensive football trading development plan.

The plan helps you learn the football trading timeline in the quickest time possible.

Trading Resources

In addition to the development you get access to host of trading resources that will enable you to build up your understanding of the markets.


What size trading bank do I need to start with?

I Can only trade in the week & at weekends, Is It Still Worth Joining?

I am new to Football Trading will this benefit me?

How do the live football trading sessions work?

Do I need Trading Software?

Do the Video Strategies Work on Tablets


The service costs just £50 a month, but you can join for £10 for the first 30 days and get full access to all the benefits to supercharge your football trading.


This service is aimed at traders of all ability who have the patience and discipline to give themselves time to master our football trading timeline.

It can take many months or even a whole season to truly get to grips and fully understand the dynamics to successful trading on how the football markets work.

If you looking to be mentored on a 1-2-1 basis, not through a chat room with other traders then this will be perfect for you. It's place where you can get the answers to help you trading journey and profile and is not a one-size fits all.

This service is designed to help you become a long-term profitable football trader and if you stick to the development program and put the hard work in, then at some point you will reap the rewards from the markets.

Limited Membership Available

This service currently only has 40 more memberships available before the doors are closed so can maintain the level of service to all members. The offer of the £10 initial joining fee is fill the service as quickly as possible.


Take your football trading to new levels with this structured service.

  • Football Trading Video Tutorials
  • Development Plan
  • 20 Live trading sessions a month
  • Opportunity for a second income.



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