Trading Mindsets

Trading Mindsets – Fear of Risk

The difference between a professional and the novice trader is not necessarily the ability to analyse the markets. It’s how they handle the emotion of a bad trade or a sustained losing period.

In this blog post we look at the fear of risk, the emotions that surround it and how you can overcome it.

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Trading Basics

Trading Basics – Betfair Settings

Knowing what is available in your Betfair settings will help you understand the betting exchange platform better.

One of the major benefits of betting exchanges from a backing point of view is that you can obtain better prices, than the betting with traditional bookmakers. 

That said; what confuses punters is the commission structure on platforms such as Betfair, this leaves then a little unsure on what they will win if their bet is successful.

Let us take show you can always know what you will win!

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Trading Mindsets

Become A Better Sports Trader with these 5 Things You Can Do in January.

As 2016 winds down, many of us are looking towards 2017 wondering what we can do to take our sports trading to the next level. Will next year be the year we finally:

  • Enjoy a second income from your trading
  • Eliminate those weaknesses that have been holding you back
  • Learn and master a new sport to build your trading portfolio?

Whatever our individual goals might be, every sports trader can benefit from doing the following five things in January:

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