About Pro X Trading

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We have successfully trained more full-time sports traders than any other trading community.

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Pro X Trading Founder – Matt Finnigan

Matt FinniganQuite a bit has happened since setting this project up in 2007 and when I put that first web page I never thought it would turn into a thriving sports trading community.

I decided to help other traders who share the same passion I have sport to fill a void in my life. Life before Pro X Trading as a solo full-time trader was taking it toll.

I turned professional in 2002 and after 5 years of being at the coal-face of the betting exchanges, just me, my mind, TV & PC was driving my crazy.

Successful trading is about doing the same thing well and repeating them over and over again, a little bit like ‘Groundhog Day’ I am sure you remember the film and if you don’t then your dad will!

7 years on this project goes from strength to strength whether it’s through the sports trading community ‘The X-Traders’ or the hugely success ‘X-Movers’ horse racing advisory services

I am proud of the trading community that has been built and the fact that it’s more than just an online network. Being able to meet up with my members at sporting events or our annual conference gives me great pleasure to hear first-hand their trading journey and success stories.

I guess it’s highly likely that you’re reading this page for the first, probably your first visit to the website and you have never heard of me.

I am a proud family man in my forty’s with two children (girl & boy) and a very supportive wife, I certainly don’t think I have all the answers when it comes to trading the Betfair markets. Far from it, my knowledge is just scratching the surface of what can be achieved, but I know through patience, discipline and hard work you can become a success at this game.

One of my pet hates is how punters are duped into thinking trading Betfair is easy, I guess the modern society wants everything now and as easy possible. A decade on; the gold rush days are truly over on the betting exchanges and it’s harder than ever to make consistent profits.

You see; every new member that’s buys into this project needs to build their confidence in trading the methods and trust my judgement in learning new techniques. They come in cold and even though I know that every method I reveal in the X Traders Systems Manual works, it takes time for the methods to prove their worth.

I don’t believe in putting limits on my time, not everybody will learn at the same pace, what use is offering just 1 hour, when in reality you need 10 hours. I want you to succeed in your goals, if you do that then I am doing things right my end and you will see the value of my services.

I take care of all the strategy development; I give you over 30 proven systems when you join the community. Then I teach you how to understand them and the markets, plus fine tuning your mind-set for trading. In return; all I ask is that you be professional with your approach and enjoy the community that you’re learning in.

Finally: I want to leave you with this thought.

“Without a trading system you are floating aimlessly in a sea of opportunity with no land in sight”

Mark Douglas, The Disciplined Trader.

Good luck with your trading journey