How About Developing Your Horse Racing Trading Alongside

 A Professional Trader Who Has Been Trading Full-Time Since 2002.



  • You have tried horse racing trading, but always seem to get caught on the wrong side of the market
  • You always seem to get out of the markets too early and miss the profits
  • When you do have run of profitable races, one bad race wipes out all your profits
  • Find yourself confused & frustrated?
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Exeprts make it look easy, you just can't get to grips with it all



When it comes to horse racing trading many traders try to use the same trading technique no matter which race they try and trade.

If you think you’re one trick pony when comes to trading the racing markets, then we’re ready to expand your trading portfolio..

Our X-Horses trading community instantly gives you access to proven pre-race and in-play horse racing trading strategies, plus you will be given a structured development plan that will fast track your knowledge.

​Our strategy video overviews are broken into bite-size tutorials that make understanding the dynamics of each trading system easier to follow.

"Imagine Turning Your Spare Time Into a Potential Second Income!"

In fact; if you start now and complete the first elements of the trading development plan you will be trading with real money in our live hosted trading sessions in just a couple of weeks.

Matt Finnighan - Professional Sports Trader
Matt Finnigan
Pro X Trading Founder

Meet Your Mentor

Matt has been trading the horse racing markets since 2002 and he is giving you access to his portfolio of pre-race trading techniques for you to learn and master.

"The horse racing markets can be extremely volatile at times, but with the right trading strategies and risk management techniques any trader can take advantage of the price swings". Matt

THE X-HORSES DEVELEPMENT PLAN is an easy to follow guide that will:

Give you confidence in the markets: You’ll learn proven trading techniques and strategies enabling you to feel in control of your trading decisions.

Establish a traders mindset: You’ll be shocked how simple trading rituals will alter your mindset into a new fresh approach to trading.

Support you every step of the way: You are not alone. You’ll be supported by Matt & Andy and the members of X-Horses trading community.

Your Membership Benefits

  • Pre Race & In-Running Video Overviews
    Start your trading in the right away with instant access to these online videos which are broken into watchable bitesize tutorials
  • X-Horses Trading Workbook
    Your downloadable workbook will create a plan that will fast-track your trading development
  • The Morning Trading Bulletin
    Set up your morning trading with through the focus races and register for the lunch market overview webinar, plus trading advice on selected horses.
  • Lunchtime Market Overview Webinar
    Join Matt on live webinar each lunchtime as he talks you through the morning markets and gives you pre-race trading pointers on the focus races.
  • The Afternoon Racing Notes Bulletin
    Andy provides detailed trading notes on the races that will be the main focus during the live afternoon trading session.
  • Live Trading Room
    The main session takes place each afternoon, but our members trading room is open 24/7 for support and advice or to hang out with fellow members of the community.

Join X-Horses Trading Community

For just £2.50 a day, less than Starbucks Latte Grande you will be investing in the development of your trading that has the potential to make you a steady second income.

Limited Membership – although we trade using a diverse horse racing trading portfolio the numbers we allow into the community are limited to 100 members.

Once these slots have been filled, you’ll miss this great opportunity to take your trading to the next level

Join The Community Risk Free: If you’re unsatisfied with our service during your first month as a member of the community you will get a 100% refund. 

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£65 / month

+ VAT (Charged Locally)

£65 a month isn't that a bit expensive?

It depends on how you want to view this opportunity

You will accessing over 25 years of full-time trading experience on a daily basis, support and guidance on proven trading strategies.

You get access to 20 live hosted sessions each month, once you start to add strategies to your portfolio you will be covering this cost every trading session.

So the investment that you’re making in us, is actually an investment in yourself to develop your trading to level that you could enjoy a second income.

The cost of each hosted session is the less than Starbucks Latte Grande!

For price less than a Starbucks Latte Grande a day, you could be supplementing your future income by £2000 each month.

We have a proven track record at developing traders and when you break it down, it works out exceptional value money for the potential returns you can make.

Are You The Right Type of Trader to Train?

Because the places are limited we're only looking for a certain type of horse racing trader to join our trading community. Answer the questions below to see whether you would be suited to join us.

Join us if this is you!

  • If you're prepared to stick to the development plan
  • Have an open mind to sticking with the service for at least 3 months
  • You have basic knowledge of trading 
  • You enjoy horse racing & the formbook
  • Willing to work hard to achieve a good second income
  • Free in the afternoons to trade.

Don't join if this is you!

  • Your trading bank is less than £500
  • Not prepared to put the work in to learn the trading strategies
  • Think that you will making money on day 1 and that we will give you all the answers
  • Are not free in the afternoons to join the hosted sessions
  • If you're a complete beginner to trading or know nothing about horse racing.

Membership Benefits

  • Pre-Race & In-Running Video Overviews
  • X-Horses Trading Workbook
  • The Morning Trading Bulletin
  • The Market Overview Webinar
  • The Afternoon Racing Notes Bulletin
  • 24/7 Live Trading Room.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Join The Community Risk Free: If you’re unsatisfied with service during your first month as a member of our community you will get a 100% refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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PS...The X-Horses Trading Program has created more traders enjoying over £500 a week in profits (from a £2K trading bank) than any other horse racing trading community. This is your chance to learn and master proven horse racing trading strategies for just £78, that comes with our risk free 100% money back guarantee during your first month’s membership.

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